Regulated Software Services

As good as software in the market can get, it’s never 100 percent tailored to your specific needs. Making use of the best possibilities out there and integrating them seamlessly..

Affiliate Management

Being one of the fastest growing companies in online gaming means having an equally rapidly expanding affiliate network. Like our players, we want our affiliates..

Marketing Solutions

Be loved. The strategy for growing our brands is based on nothing more than making people fall in love with them, and not letting them go. The proof is in the numbers..

Our Vision

In this fast moving business, growth and compliance are key. You need to have both in order to ensure continuity. Dialinvest International is one of the fastest expanding companies today. But rapid growth also poses challenges, especially when it comes to adhering to regulations. We follow the regulatory environment on a daily basis, and make adjustments if and where needed. By sticking to this success formula, we can welcome the future with confidence and vigor.

What we do

Our extensive network of affiliates makes sure players will find our websites. You come to our website. You play. You leave. You return. You play a little more. It all seems so logical and simple. In reality, our staff and partners are working around the clock from locations all over the world to make this possible. We make sure you can find us, enjoy us safely and responsibly, and visit us again.

There they will enjoy the richest, most energizing online gaming experience, while we make sure all applicable regulations are met. A player safely and easily creates and funds his or her account, which is overlooked by our capable security staff. To ensure the player has a good time and wants to continue this joyous experience, our CRM staff creates tailor-made offers to keep everyone entertained.