What We Do

You come to our website. You play. You leave. You return. You play a little more. It all seems so logical and simple. In reality, our staff and partners are working around the clock from locations all over the world to make this possible. We make sure you can find us, enjoy us safely and responsibly, and visit us again.

Our extensive network of affiliates makes sure players will find our websites. There they will enjoy the richest, most energizing online gaming experience, while we make sure all applicable regulations are met. A player safely and easily creates and funds his or her account, which is overlooked by our capable security staff. To ensure the player has a good time and wants to continue this joyous experience, our CRM staff creates tailor-made offers to keep everyone entertained.

Marketing Solutions

Be loved. The strategy for growing our brands is based on nothing more than making people fall in love with them, and not letting them go. All our marketing efforts are based on building positive, high-quality, and long-lasting relationships.

The proof is in the numbers: our platforms show the highest customer satisfaction and best return rates in the business. Why? Because we genuinely care for our customers, and connect with them on the right level.

Affiliate Management

As our business grows rapidly, so does our affiliate network. This growth poses an extra challenge to keep affiliates happy at all times.

Using Egass software, we can every move. In addition to our top-of-the-market commission models, we offer amazing personal rewards.

To keep our affiliates on their toes, we host monthly raffles with interesting prizes.

Software Development

As good as software in the market can get, it’s never 100 percent tailored to your specific needs. Also, software providers do not always have the manpower or knowledge to make the necessary changes for perfect integration.

By integrating the best solutions seamlessly into our own in-house developed systems, our software engineers make sure our operations run smoothly and securely.

Compliance Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for expanding iGaming companies today is meeting the ever-changing regulations. Every new jurisdiction has its own specific laws and regulations.

Our legal department is always the first to step into new territory. Their job: to make sure we meet all regulations, and that we do everything to promote fair and responsible gaming.

How We Play

Our insatiable hunger for growth can only be matched by our responsibility towards our loyal customers. The wellbeing of our players remains our top priority. That’s why our goal is to make sure all our platforms are a place where you can have fun securely and responsibly.

Fair and Responsible Gaming

No one should ever have to experience financial trouble because of gambling problems, and no one has to – thanks to our stringent policies. We believe gaming is all about fun, and we intend to keep it that way. Our proactive team is equipped to detect and limit compulsive gambling when necessary.

Customer Privacy

To ensure that our gaming platforms are safe places to have fun, we keep all information secured. Thanks to our collaboration with iSignthis, very detail entered on our website is stored safely and securely to make sure only those of our team involved with customer care have access.

Payment Security

We are responsible for every bit of money that is processed through our websites. Not a penny or cent goes unaccounted for – thanks to our top-tier payment security systems. Rest assured all of our payment methods have been carefully tested to function securely and problem-free.